The 12-Minute Culture Development Process

Culture Cultivation

Culture Cultivation is vital in providing a starting point to knowing your culture, and it begins with defining your vision. You cannot create a culture without a clear vision. 

Route One

Understanding why you do what you do and consistently repeating this to your team will bring focused purpose to your organization.

A clear picture of who you are
and what you value

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Building Foundations

As the vision creates momentum Building Foundations through unified systems and processes, will help you support your team as people leave, change roles within the organization, and as new team members come on board.

Route Two

Every team has processes that work in the background, and when they are working flawlessly, you don’t even know they are there. When you build great foundations in your environments, it eliminates any distractions that would take people’s eyes off the vision.

Process creates progress

Handcrafted Teams

Every leader knows, that people are vital when accomplishing the mission, but working with people can be challenging, and as you work with others sometimes their weaknesses speak louder than their strengths.

Route Three

When you begin to view your team members in light of their unique design you are able to create Handcrafted Teams, where people are valued above tasks and strengths are leveraged for the purpose of the vision.

Building relational equity with others is the key to accomplishing any great endeavour

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Effectively Equipping

Effectively Equipping is also a necessary component in culture development. Vision alone can’t get the job done. It takes putting the right tools in the hands of your team to make this vision a reality.

Route Four

You can’t do this by yourself, and as you effectively equip your team, they will be able to lead others to carry out the vision in ways you never could.

When the 4 Components above are working together, they are expressed in everything you do which leads to...

Irresistible Environments

Irresistible Environments have the power to change the way we see things. They give us passions we never knew we had. Your work environments can work as a catalyst to help people catch your vision in a way that changes them.

Route Five

Irresistible Environments have the ability to draw people in and then 0pen up their hearts to hear the message you want to share. They are created with the people in mind first.

A vibrant culture is attractive.
As you work to strengthen each of these components to create an Irresistible Environment, it will only be natural that people will want to get on board with you.

Anticipating Transitions

It is in Anticipating Transitions, that you prepare for people to join your organization in a way that moves the mission forward efficiently. This is the process of getting people on board with your vision, keeping them there, and bringing their friends and family along for the ride.

Route Six

Anticipating those painful points of transition, and preparing for them, will help you team stay focused on the vision and ready to hit the ground running.

Learn how the CultureBus process can help you accomplish your vision