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Building Teams

Where do we find the leaders to place within our ministry? More importantly, how do we build the best teams that can take our vision further than we ever thought possible? Chris Rivers gives you an overview of the Building Teams Resource and how you can implement it in your environments.

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Relational Equity Assessment

Knowing how others are wired will increase your ability to lead and influence them. Building relational equity with others isn't easy, but we believe it is the key to accomplishing any great endeavor.

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Ministry Action Plan

Ministry Action Plans are a project management tool that have action initiatives with a stated objective expected deliverables, targeted delivery dates, one leader, cross functional team members, and current status.

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Customized Roadmap

CultureBus helps your team prepare for the integration journey through the creation of an onboarding strategy to roll out the Church Creation Story, Vision Casting Videos and Test Drives Assignments. This builds intentionality and accountability to see the vision components fully integrated.

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Culture Assessment

The Culture Assessment is an anonymous assessment that your entire staff take. Once completed, our team creates an Executive Summary for your Leadership Team to review. The Executive Summary gives your team action steps to help you refine and define standard processes, establish a level of unity inside your culture, assess the strengths and weaknesses that are impacting performance, identify areas of focus for needed improvement and align culture change and leadership development initiatives when leveraging new staff and volunteers

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Vision Casting Videos

The process of creating vision casting videos helps your organization define what makes your culture unique. The process prepares senior leaders to transfer vision to their team which in the right setting builds a cohesive culture. Vision Casting Videos can be conveniently and repeatedly viewed and are the first step in re-emphasizing the vision and communicating a common language to your team.

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Job Love

Every position in your company needs a clear job description. Standards need to be created for regularly staff reviews done on a quarterly and yearly basis. We call this "Job love" because it makes employees happy when they have clarity in their roles.

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Creation Story

CultureBus guides the team through a process to discover and leverage the power of the story that God has been telling through the life of that individual organization. The purpose is to create a starting point for those who are new to the organization and remind those who have been there awhile of the impact the team has had accomplishing its mission.

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As You Give
Because You Give

The As You Give Because You Give process will guide a church's leadership team to become inspiring storytellers who capture people’s attention, help a congregation feel part of the church's story and encourage generosity towards the mission of the church.

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