Prevent loss and entropy in your small groups by evaluating yourself around five question killers

This 2 hour training equips you

and your small group leaders to become more relevant to group members and ensure their group will participate in group discussion.

"This training is critical to building leaders who can facilitate meaningful and challenging conversation that pushes others to own their identities in Christ."

Small Group Leader - Grace Church Harrison Bridge

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Question Killer Assessment

Chris Rivers


OVER THE LAST 10 YEARS whether it be financial, leadership, or even ministry help, God has allowed Chris to work with ministry and marketplace leaders to help them overcome the challenges in the area of vision integration. CultureBus was born out of his own experience seeing the vision deficit that can happen between a leader and those who follow. Whether it be injecting DNA into your team, creating cultural continuity, clarifying your vision, establishing better processes, building resources or leadership assimilation, you'll value Chris's experience. When working with Chris you will be energized and encouraged to accomplish the vision that God’s given you.

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"Chris is passionate and masterful at putting Kingdom vision and effective discipleship into motion. CultureBus has played a vital role in helping mobilize and transform our culture. I am confident he will be a valuable resource for all who lead and serve in ministry."
- Jim Blanton
First Presbyterian Church
Greenville SC

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